After over 70 years as one of Muskoka's top scratch bakeries, we are excited to announce the launch of our NEW Fundraising Program!  We will work with your organization to help you raise money to meet your fundraising needs. Whether your organization is a charity, school, club or sports team, we are thrilled at the opportunity to help give back to the community.

The Idea

It's simple.  We are offering our famous baked goods to be sold raw and frozen, so that you can BAKE FRESH in your own home!  We will work very closely with your organization to ensure for a successful and flawless execution. 

Let's consider a school as an example.  Each student would be given an order form and marketing material.  They would be encouraged to go out and sell as many boxes of baked goods as possible.  The students would take down the orders and collect the money and then return it to the school once the fundraiser ends.  At the end of the fundraiser, the school would compile all of the orders and place an order with us and we would prepare the order.  2-3 weeks later, we would deliver the order to a selected location at a selected time and the school would distribute the orders to the students. The students would then be responsible for distribution to their individual customers.  Everyone will get to enjoy our famous baked goods baked fresh in their own homes!

How it Works

Your organization raises 25% of gross sales.  The potential is UNLIMITED!  We’ve had small and large groups raise anywhere between $750 to over $3000.

Digital Brochure



Cookie Dough


Cinnamon Buns


Fruit Pies



“I just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity to fund raise. This was an easy way for our team to make some quick and easy money for our hockey team. Between the 12 families that participated we raised just over $1000. We only ran the fundraiser for about 3 weeks.There was no waiting for the rebate either. I simply sent in my order form with the number of boxes of each item. They told me their cost and we kept our portion. Delivery day was easy too. Everything came grouped for each family so no sorting at the curb required!! Thanks again for making it so easy.”

Lisa Jennings, Castle Peake Atom Rep Hockey Team

“What an incredible initiative! The parents loved it, the kids loved it and most of all the community ate it up!! We are already taking re-orders as people can’t let go of the irresistibly good Don’s Bakery - we couldn’t have imagined a response to the fundraiser like we had. Thank you Bryan & Jana, and the by the way have you shipped me my replenishment of delectable heaven, AKA the Chocolate Chunk cookies yet?”

Asher Lichtman, Team Manager North York Knights Minor Novice Select Hockey Team

For more information, please call our Barrie location at (705) 733-3337 or email us at