About us

In 1947, Don Lloyd opened the doors to the beloved Don’s Bakery in the small town of Bala, Ontario. The famous recipes that people come from far and wide to enjoy have been a rich tradition since they were introduced. For 70 years, locals, seasonal residents and visitors to the area have delighted over the famous scones, Chelsea buns and butter tarts along with over a hundred other delicious choices! The bakery moved locations once in 1997 to its current location at Portage Landing, right beside the beautiful Bala Falls.
Over the years, ownership has changed hands a few times, but the recipes and traditions have remained the same because, each owner has been dedicated to preserving these special memories for our loyal customers. In April 2010, Bryan and Jana Foster became the fifth owners (and current) owners of Don’s Bakery. Spending all his summers in Muskoka, Bryan (along with his wife Jana) was determined to continue the Don’s Bakery tradition. Bryan and Jana are committed to bringing the same yummy goodness into people’s homes and cottages that they have grown to love, along with a pleasant atmosphere and friendly customer service of course!

In order to serve our customers better, we opened second location in Barrie in September 2017. It is mainly a production facility designed to produce and distribute the much loved favourites year-round but also has a small storefront so that our customers are able to visit us directly as well.

We are committed to giving back to the local communities, so in 2018, we launched our new fundraising program.   We work with schools, sports teams, charities, non-profit and for-profit organizations looking to raise money for worthy causes and to help wherever we can by selling frozen, ready-to-bake goods. 

The tried and true recipes will always be a part of Don’s Bakery, but we are also committed to introducing new products to keep up with current trends and keep our customers interested and intrigued with what’s coming next. We are committed to ensuring that every product meets the highest quality standards. Don’s products are always made from scratch and baked fresh daily using the finest ingredients (for example, real Belgian chocolate). Our qualified and experienced bakers take great pride in their craft and ensure that they deliver the best possible quality that you will surely enjoy.

We are always experimenting and testing new products to keep up with our customers sophisticated taste buds so always keep your eyes, ears and mouths open! Product selection may vary from day to day and store to store. Please contact us if you have any questions.